Gold Safety Awards

Why The Focus?

Safety is Tithegrove’s number one priority as a business. We cannot sustainably develop the business for the benefit of clients and staff if we are not keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Inevitably, we focus on what is wrong and are always at risk of ‘policing’ rather than supporting people to be safe. Policing does not work as behaviours regress when the police aren’t there. People have to want to go home safe everyday and take ownership of keeping themselves and others safe.

There is a lot of excellent safety practice happening throughout Tithegrove, and we want to recognise this. We have therefore introduced ‘Gold Awards’ to do just that.

What Are We Doing Differently?

• Enabled and encouraged Safety Advisors to propose sites and specific safety aspects as being outstanding

• Regional Directors and SHE Manager to unanimously agree if an award is merited

• Formal award and vouchers issued to staff involved by way of recognition and appreciation

How Will We Know If We're Succeeding?

Gold Awards monitored monthly in SHE KPI’s

Increased site based staff satisfaction levels

Improvement in all SHE KPI’s