RATS – Recruit for Attitude, Train for Skill

Why The Focus?

With competition for good people in the construction sector, we have two key challenges:

• Keeping staff turnover at an acceptable level – though zero is unhealthy!

• Recruiting good people to sustain Tithegrove for the long term.

Fishing in the same groundworks pond as all our competitors will only ever unearth a few successes. To increase our effectiveness, we need to bring in the best people we can find in terms of attitude. Then we train them as appropriate to their current skills and experience in the ways of groundworks and Tithegrove.

What Are We Doing Differently?

Looking in other construction sectors and trades for good people who fit our DNA

More robust and longer term induction process to give new starters a better understanding of Tithegrove

New positions as appropriate, to create more manageable ‘stepping stones’ to senior positions

Developing production guides and recognising expertise in key groundworks activities, particularly at Site Supervisor level.

Working closer with site teams to educate new and current staff in groundworks, and how to support them more effectively to deliver client requirements.

How Will We Know If We're Succeeding?

Lower turnover in key client facing positions

Higher interview : offer ratios

Increased staff and client satisfaction levels